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Egypt Corporate Law and Governance: BBC News - Sudan fuel protests: '50 shot dead'

Egypt Corporate Law and Governance: BBC News - Sudan fuel protests: '50 shot dead': Sudan fuel protests: '50 shot dead' ...

BBC News - Sudan fuel protests: '50 shot dead'

Sudan fuel protests: '50 shot dead'

27 September 2013 Last updated at 12:39 GMT
Cars burn in front of a building during protests over fuel subsidy cuts in Khartoum September 25, 2013. Rights groups claim at least 50 people have been shot dead in days of violence.

Security forces in Sudan have shot dead at least 50 people in days of protests over fuel subsidy cuts, human rights groups have said.

Police fired tear gas to disperse more protesters on Friday, witnesses have told the BBC.

Officials say fewer than 29 people have died, and they insist that the subsidy was unaffordable.

Protesters have accused President Omar al-Bashir's government of corruption and called on him to quit.

The African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies and Amnesty International say people have been killed by gun shots to the chest or head, citing witnesses, relatives, doctors and journalists.

A 14-year-old boy was said to be among the victims, who were mostly aged between 19 and 26, the groups said in a statement.

Hundreds had been detained, they added.

"Shooting to kill - including by aiming at protesters' chests and heads - is a blatant violation of the right to life, and Sudan must immediately end this violent repression by its security forces," said Lucy Freeman, Africa Deputy Director at Amnesty International.

Hospital sources have told the BBC that about 60 people have been killed.

Sudanese officials have not commented on the claims but Information Minister Ahmed Belal Osman said on Thursday that any death tolls higher than 29 were inaccurate.

BBC Arabic's Mohammad Osman in Khartoum says that around 500 people took to the streets of Jabra, an area in the southern part of Khartoum, chanting "peaceful, peaceful" to stress their non-violent nature.

Eyewitnesses have told the BBC that the security forces fired tear gas against the protestors and made several arrests.

Reuters news agency reports that trucks with mounted machine guns were parked at main roads and near large mosques across Khartoum and its twin city of Omdurman ahead of Friday's protests.

Amateur footage shows a petrol station in Khartoum being destroyed

Our reporter says internet is still available despite reports that access has been cut for the second time in a week.

The unrest began on Monday when the government lifted fuel subsidies to raise revenue. Austerity measures have recently escalated fuel prices, hitting people on low incomes.

The demonstrations began south of Khartoum and have now spread to the capital and other cities.

Sudan's economy has been in trouble since South Sudan ceded in 2011, taking with it 75% of the oil reserves that had fuelled an economic boom.

The Sudanese government reduced some fuel subsidies in July 2012, prompting several weeks of protests and a security crackdown.

Politicians, including President al-Bashir, have defended the austerity drive, saying the only alternative would be economic collapse, according to local media reports.

Despite efforts to mobilise opposition activists, Sudan has not seen a wave of anti-government unrest on the scale of that experienced in neighbouring Egypt or other countries in North Africa or the Middle East.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Egypt Corporate Law and Governance: BBC News - Li Tianyi: China court jails army singe...

Egypt Corporate Law and Governance: BBC News - Li Tianyi: China court jails army singe...: Li Tianyi: China court jails army singers' son for r...

Egypt Corporate Law and Governance: BBC News - Saudi princess Meshael Alayban: US 'sla...

Egypt Corporate Law and Governance: BBC News - Saudi princess Meshael Alayban: US 'sla...: Saudi princess Meshael Alayban: US 'slavery' case...

BBC News - Saudi princess Meshael Alayban: US 'slavery' case dropped

Saudi princess Meshael Alayban: US 'slavery' case dropped

20 September 2013 Last updated at 18:11 GMT
Meshael Alayban appears in a California court on 20 September 2013 Meshael Alayban smiled as her lawyer told her she was free

Charges have been dropped against a Saudi princess who was accused of human trafficking after a Kenyan maid said her passport was taken and she was forced to work for meagre pay.

On Friday, prosecutors in the US state of California said they were unable to corroborate the allegations against Meshael Alayban, 42.

Ms Alayban's lawyers said the maid's claims were a scam to remain in the US.

The charges carried a penalty of up to 12 years in prison.

Friday's announcement came during what was originally supposed be Ms Alayban's arraignment.

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas told the judge the evidence did not support charges against Ms Alayban and moved to dismiss the case.

Ms Alayban, reportedly one of six wives of a scion of the Saudi royal family, had been free on $5m (£3.1m) bail posted by the Saudi consulate.

'Forced labour'

The unnamed Kenyan woman alleged she was forced to work 16 hours a day and paid far less than what she was originally promised.

She had begun working for Ms Alayban last year in Saudi Arabia under a two-year contract with an employment agency.

That contract guaranteed her $1,600 a month for eight-hour work days, five days a week, California officials said.

Instead she was paid $220 a month and forced to work twice as long, according to prosecutors.

The 30-year-old Kenyan woman also alleged her passport was taken from her when she arrived in Saudi Arabia. It was only returned to her long enough for her to travel to the US with Ms Alayban.

In California, she said she was forced to perform household chores for at least eight people in four units at the same block of flats where she was allegedly held captive.

When she managed to escape, she flagged down a bus driver and later went to police.

At the time of Ms Alayban's arrest in July, the district attorney described the situation as "an example of forced labour".

Steve Barick, a lawyer for the accuser, said: "My client was a slave to this woman."

BBC News - Li Tianyi: China court jails army singers' son for rape

Li Tianyi: China court jails army singers' son for rape

26 September 2013 Last updated at 09:54 GMT
Li Tianyi performs at a concert in Beijing on 19 August 2011 Li Tianyi was previously detained over a traffic altercation

A court in China has convicted the son of two high-profile army singers and sentenced him to 10 years in jail for rape, state media say.

The court said it had shown leniency to Li Tianyi, 17, because he was a juvenile, despite the fact he was the ringleader.

Li and four others raped the woman at a Beijing hotel in February after drinks.

He had denied any sexual relations with the woman, whom he alleged was working as a prostitute, previous reports say.

Li Tianyi is the son of Li Shuangjiang, who has the rank of general and is known for his renditions of patriotic songs on television. Li's mother Meng Ge is also a well-known singer in China's People's Liberation Army.

Many Chinese have watched the case closely, shocked by the behaviour of the children of China's elites, and the way the police and courts often give them favourable treatment, the BBC's Damian Grammaticas in Beijing reports.

Li, who was 16 at the time of the rape, plans to appeal against his conviction.

"I think this verdict is unjust," one of his lawyers, Chen Shu, told journalists, AFP news agency reports. "This decision is based on evidence that is delayed and verbal testimony. This type of verbal testimony is unreliable."

Three other teenage defendants and a man were also found guilty by the Haidian Court in north-west Beijing.

It said it was giving Li Tianyi a lighter sentence because juvenile offenders should be given a chance to correct and reform their behaviour.

Two of the teenagers who took part in the rape, one aged 15, had their sentences suspended because, the court said, they had confessed, showed remorse and apologised to their victim.

The one man who took part was given a 12-year sentence because he too had regretted his actions and been co-operative.

This was not the first time that Li Tianyi, also known as Li Guanfeng, was involved in an incident that sparked a public outcry. In 2011, he was sentenced to detention for a year over a road rage incident.

He was behind the wheel of a BMW car with no licence plates in Beijing when he confronted a middle-aged couple in another vehicle blocking his way.

He assaulted the couple and shouted at shocked bystanders, telling them not to "dare to call the police".

His father apologised to the couple over the incident.

The case of Li Tianyi inflamed public anger at the children of the political elite, who are often seen as spoilt and above the law, correspondents say.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Egyptian Corporate Lawyer: TDA freezes Qatari Diar’s project in Sharm El Shei...

Egyptian Corporate Lawyer: TDA freezes Qatari Diar’s project in Sharm El Shei...: Login Advertise With Us My Alerts  ...

TDA freezes Qatari Diar’s project in Sharm El Sheikh - Egyptian Stock Exchange | Mubasher

Select Market CASE Egyptian Stock Exchange   
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TDA freezes Qatari Diar's project in Sharm El Sheikh

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25 September 2013 09:07 AM
TDA freezes Qatari Diar's project in Sharm El Sheikh
CEO of the TDA said that the authority has decided to suspend all required licenses and approvals for Qatari Diyar's project measuring 30mn sqm in Sharm El Sheikh until the court case is resolved, according to Al Mal news paper.
Source: Mubasher

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