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"Nul n'est cense ignorer la loi"
  "No person can ignore the law" 
Commercial companies have legal personality and are accordingly included like natural persons.
Are you starting a new business? Are you managing an SME? 
Does corporate governance and compliance seem confusing?
Do you want to understand the corporate law in a simple way?
E- Corporate Lawyers ("ECL") blog will help you overcome your legal challenges.

E-Corporate Lawyers ("ECL") blog publishes articles, newsletters, and research on corporate governance, compliance, sports law, intellectual property, and arbitration. 

ECL blog is sponsored by ECL and MSLS Sàrl.

ECL strongly stands for the principles of the legal profession as adopted by the IBA, sports spirit of the Olympic Movement, the corporate governance best practices as set forth by the OECD and the sustainable development goals of the UN.

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Disclaimer: The general content of this blog or related websites and links should not be applied by non-legal professionals on particular circumstances or specific cases without consulting a specialized lawyer certified by the Competent Bar Association in the Jurisdiction in question.

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