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E-Corporate Lawyers (ECL) 

ECL is a legal assistance blog sponsored by MSLS Sàrl and supported by a leading community of corporate lawyers and law firms in Switzerland, Egypt, the EU, Scandinavia, and MENA regions.

ECL uses modern technology, innovative and fair legal solutions to unite its community members to better serve their clients. 

ECL Network 
The ranks of ECL community of leading corporate lawyers include experienced judges, arbitration counsels, jurists, appellate litigators and Olympic sports professionals. ECL sports lawyers and international arbitrators regularly appear before international sports Alternative Dispute Resolution Courts including CAS in Switzerland.

ECL Model
ECL collaborative community recognizes that legal practice requires interdisciplinary skills, knowledge and professional attitude to achieve the ever demanding client loyalty.

ECL and its independent community members can help you in the following sectors:

Equine & Sports Law
ECL knowledge of sports law, has helped it remain at the forefront of the horse law and show jumping regulations.
ECL lawyers are retained by clients in disputes relating to professional and amateur equestrian sports, including sponsors, television channels, governing bodies, clubs, athletes, sports federations and horse associations. 

Arbitration and Mediation
ECL and its network of Arbitrators are regarded as preeminent legal professionals for international
mediation and arbitration. 

ECL`community members have handled arbitration under the auspices of most of the major international arbitral institutions, including the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA), the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS/TAS). ECL network also handled many ad-hoc arbitrations and arbitrations under the Arbitration Rules of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) in Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Clients are referred to ECL for its members` expertise in alternative dispute resolution in sports (ADRs) including mediation and conciliation. ECL`community strive to maintain its legal processes private, discrete and cost-effective. ECL typically proceeds in a non-adversarial environment that fosters communication, collaboration, transparency, neutrality and respect of different views.

ECL offers legal assistance directly, through EquiJuri,  or through our independent members of licensed barristers, corporate lawyers, arbitrators and sports jurists. ECL`members provide its services in English, French, German, Italian, and Arabic covering the major jurisdictions and regions either directly or through our legal correspondent offices, agents and representatives.

Corporate Governance 
ECL has leading experts in corporate governance issues, minority shareholding rights, and corporate conflicts. ECL has been involved in the governance, corporate strategy, and finance of leading public and private corporations. ECL has extensive experience dealing with conflicts among stockholders close and open end funds, shareholders’ agreements, remedies for breach of contract, conflict of interest, transparency, and disclosure.

ECL`members provide compliance support to international investment and retail banks, brokers, fund managers, insurers, regulators, exchanges, financial services businesses and corporations. Financial institutions are referred to ECL for expertise that cuts across regional boundaries and product lines. ECL lawyers understand the complexities of over and under-regulated securities and banking products.

Real and Intellectual Property 
ECL community represents contractors, developers, subcontractors, design professionals, property developers, risk, sureties, lenders and other construction industry stakeholders. Through an international network of notary public offices, intellectual property and patent agents, ECL registers assets and intellectual property in USA, Europe, and the MENA Regions, including land, vessels and boats, real estate, trade & service marks, industrial designs, patents, copyright, domain names, trade secrets ...etc

ECL represents pharmaceutical manufacturers, manufacturers, hospitals and other health care providers in the sport and equestrian industry through EquiJuri. ECL provides representation services in connection with disputes concerning all regulatory and marketing strategies, competition issues, including follow-on products, over-the-counter conversion, and patent and trademark protection.

ECL members are regularly instructed by boutique hotel owners and operators, travel companies and leisure organizations hosting sports events and competitions on complex and challenging legal issues.
ECL offers superior representation to the key players in the sports industry. ECL acts in disputes involving hotels, gaming, holidays, fitness, leisure and sports events.

IT & Internet 
ECL, directly or through its members, represents e-sport technology providers. On the provider side, ECL represents sport software developers, sport and entertainment marketing companies, content providers, domain name registries and registrars, infrastructure and network providers, and application service providers.
On the user side, ECL represents companies that employ and transfer sports technology.
ECL is involved in supporting outsourcing and managed sport services, sport ministries public procurement,  sport software licensing and maintenance, cross-sourcing, electronic commerce, ASP contracts, digitization, system security, disaster recovery, data networks, digital encryption, web-hosting arrangements, domain names, content regulation, data feeds, digital broadcast production and technology, communications, electronic banking and financial services, data protection and privacy and patent licensing.

ECL acts directly or indirectly for clients in the international insurance sector, including insurance and reinsurance for sports companies and athletes, brokers and regulators, insurance and reinsurance coverage disputes, professional liability claims and regulatory investigations and proceedings both nationally and regionally.
Contracts' Drafting and Negotiating
ECL`s members draft personally tailored sport and corporate contracts, attend negotiation meetings to meet clients' business challenges and expectations. ECL's team of specialists may attend in person or by means of conference technology depending on client preference and lawyers schedules and availability. 

Legal Translation
ECL provides legal translation services of complex sports and corporate documents from and to the following languages:
English, French, German, Italian and Arabic.

Legal Due Diligence & Legal Auditing
Through EquiJuri, ECL prepares and drafts sport and equine due diligence and legal auditing reports and investigations. ECL provides legal secretary assistance including, general assembly preparation, invitation and minutes preparation. ECL provides legal ratification and notarization before competent authorities including the commercial registry, embassies, consulates and investment authorities.

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