Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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Finally, he's coming to Switzerland

Great news.

He's going to be speaking in Switzerland and I am more than excited!

After more then 9 years, 400K participants and 16 countries…

Speaking alongside Sir Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosoki, John Demartini, and many more celebrities…

After coaching and training hundreds of thousands of Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Experts in dozens of industries to massive breakthroughs in their businesses – he’s coming to Switzerland

His name?

Kane Minkus of Industry Rockstar fame - I rate him very highly and so should you.

But, the best news of all?

You can still get some VIP tickets to see him if you move fast…

And with the celebrities that endorse him, global awards he has won and best selling books he has published – I think you owe it to yourself to get there…

If you haven’t learned how to apply the Industry Rockstar Formula to your business, you are missing out on the biggest Entrepreneur Revolution in history…

Kane & the Industry Rockstar team have been teaching the worlds brightest business owners how to really make a difference and create a legacy in their industry.

I’m excited for you to have this opportunity to see him live in action and spend a little time with this living business legend.

I mean by 30 years old he had launched over 24 different companies, taking 5 of them to multi million dollar and multi international success. I know you can learn a few things from a guy like that.

And the best thing of all is - he’s not like other gurus – he is way cool, really grounded and tons of fun to learn from.

Check out the plans for his upcoming event right here.

Enjoy the gift.
M. Shahin