Tuesday, October 17, 2017


A very interesting event to help ladies in startup businesses to get unstuck and move forward.
This event is for you if:
  • You are professionally unfulfilled and you would like to explore possible ways to reach professional happiness;
  • You would like to start a business, but you have no clearly defined “passion” and you find it difficult to identify business ideas that can be “right” for you;
  • You have at least one business idea, but you are not sure about its “business potential”, or, if you have more than one idea, you don’t know which one to choose;
  • You are working towards business launch or have recently started your business, but you are facing challenges, you feel overwhelmed or you feel lost along the way
The brainstorming will be mainly in English. You need to understand English in order to participate, but you have the opportunity to speak German if you prefer (Gretel will translate if necessary).
1. The group helps you identify and evaluate possible solutions to your specific challenge(s). Before the event, you formulate, with Gretel’s help, the specific problem(s) you want to address and, during the event, the group works collectively, under Gretel’s guidance, to provide you with the solutions you are looking for.
2. You feel the energy from the group, you feel inspired and motivated to create the professional situation that will make you happy. During the event, you get to know the other participants, you support each other in deep and meaningful ways, you make new friends, you get inspired…
Before the event
1-2 weeks before the event, you have about 30 min Skype conversation with Gretel. This has the objective of clearly understanding your current situation and challenges. Gretel may give you an assignment to work on before the event, so you will arrive at the day of the event well prepared and up to speed.
During the event
All participants sit in the “hot seat” (meaning that their specific problem is the focus of the group) for 2 sessions. The first session is longer and is devoted to exploring possible solutions to your challenge(s). The second session is shorter and its main objective is chosen by you during the day (e.g. get more feedback on a specific idea generated during the first session). Everyone has the same time and time management is strictly enforced. Depending on the specific problem, Gretel may ask a question to the group or explain an exercise. All participants are committed to do their absolute best to help others, by answering the questions, doing the exercises, providing valuable feedback. 
Lunch will be free. This will give you the possibility to go out, relax and decide whether you prefer to recharge your batteries alone or with other participants. Many eating-places are available within walking distance from Impact Hub.
After the event
A closed Facebook group will be created for all participants the day before the event and will be open for 1 month after the event. You will have the possibility to continue supporting each other during this period of time and Gretel will moderate or stimulate the conversations, when needed. After a month, the group will be closed, but you can create a new group with the same brainstorming participants, if you wish.
We will be hosted by Impact Hub Bern, the most vibrant co-working space in the city. Impact Hub is conveniently located in Spitalgasse 28, 3011 Bern, five minutes by foot from the train station.