Swiss Law

General Swiss Codes - Recueil Systématique du Droit Fédéral (Les autorités Suisses en ligne) (Recueil systématique du droit fédéral) (Table des matière du droit interne)
Code Civil 
Droit des obligations
Introduction to Swiss Company/Contract Law

Jurisprudence - Précédent judiciaire 
Federal Tribunal - Tribunal Fédéral 

Federal Authority - Autorités Fédérales 
The Federal Office of Justice
Swiss Federal Tribunal 
Federal Office of Migration 

Constitutional Laws - Droit Constitutionel 
Swiss Federal Constitution
Canton Bern Constitution
Canton Zurich Constitution
Canton Geneva Constitution
Canton Ticino

Canton Bern/Federal Capital - Canton Bern/Capital Federal  
Legal Help Bern
Laws of Canton Bern (in French and German) (taxes) (taxes) (taxes)
Caisse de Compensation de Canton de Bern

Swiss Legal Authorities - Les Autorités Juridique Suisses
Attorney-General Office
Swiss Parlament 
Chancellerie Federal Suisse Romande -Droit en Suisse
Online Government Services 
SERI - Recognition of foreign qualifications

Law Associations - Associations 
Swiss Bar Association
Swiss Jurists Association
Swiss Finance Experts Association (Union Suisse des arts et metiers) and its Journal (Tenants Association)

Swiss Law in English - Droit Suisse en Anglais 
Federal Law in English
Swiss Law by the Library of Congress

Legal sites - Liens Juridiques

Accounting - La Comptabilité 
Swiss Auditors Association 
Swiss Experts
Fiduciaire Suisse/Jura Bernois

TAXES - Les impôts 
Easy Tax in French/German
Canton Bern Tax Law 
VAT Federal Law

Horse Laws / Equestrian Sports Sites - Droit Equin et Sport Equestres 
Animal (Equine) Laws in Switzerland
EquiJuri, Horse and Equestrian Sports Jurists

Swiss Corporate and Business Laws - Droit des sociétés et des affaires 
Swiss Economy and Corporate Governance
Start Up Support
SME portal
Companies compliance
Corporate contracts
Economic Development Fund
Online company formation in Canton Bern
Bern Economic Fund
Online startups
Startups in Switzerland 
Other Startups Website
Labor Union Collective Employment Agreements (Salaries of Different Positions)
How to setup a business in Switzerland
Overview of Legal Structures
Step By Step to Your Own Company
Small To Medium Size Enterprises Incorporation 
Federal Law on Collective Investment Schemes
Swiss Labor Law
Regulated Professions
Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property
Resident Permits for Foreign Nationals
The Swiss Commercial Registry
Commercial Registry Law 
E-Commerce Laws 

NGOs & Charity - ONG & Charité

Insurance & AVS
Federal Office of Private Insurance
Swiss Social Insurance Law
AVS Bern
Accident Occupational Insurance 

Swiss Mediation 
Bern Mediation
Swiss Arbitration Association

Legal Press  
Legal publications
Legal Library 
Law Journals 
Family Budget Planning
The Swiss Official Gazette 

Digital Education
Swiss Tourism Federation 
Associazione consumatrici e consumatori della Svizzera italiana
Fédération romande des consommateurs
Swiss Universities 

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