Thursday, January 8, 2015

Shame on radical Attacks and French stupid Cartoons

 Muslim Egyptians in the streets of Cairo and on social media very strongly condemn the attack on the French Charlie Hebdo Magazine, which killed 12 and injured 10, which does not really represent Islam or Muslims, and fundamentally opposes believes, attitude and behavior of real Muslims, and the teaching of the prophet Mohamed (may peace be upon him)who was also subject to similar and even more serious offenses and has always showed us how merciful he was in everything he did, which lead several highly respected non Muslim figures to respect him and consider him the greatest person in history of mankind, such as Lamartine who said "Mohamed is an Apostle in all standards by which human greatness is measured"
and "is there a man greater than Mohamed?!"
Further George Bernard Said "the world much needs a man with Mohamed's bright thinking"
Micheal Hart said "Mohamed is the most influential and successful on both the religious and secular levels"
Mahatma Gandi said "after if finished reading the biography of Mohamed  i felt i needed to know more about this great personality, who uncontested, won the hearts and souls of billions of people all over the world"
In addition to being mentioned in all the holy books by Almighty God.
To the same extent of severeness they condemn such cartoons, and totally disagree with the French President that this is freedom of expression, as this is pure vulgar, defaming and disrespectful expression to a holy religion figure who has billions of followers all over the world. This same president who previously condemned and closed by administrative orders a TV show that was having fun of the Jews, and considered it unacceptable, to him we say your double standards is the only unacceptable thing, and freedom of expression is and should in civil respectable countries be limited to the respect of the rights of the others and should not include insults and defamation, which is a criminal offense, specially if it is directed to holy messengers of god like (Moses, Jesus and Mohamed).
Other analysts insist that the French government should investigate the matter with the Israili authorities as it is for sure a matter of organized crime planned and executed by the Israili authority rather than by a single person who does not have the means to do that on French soil, and further claim that the Israili are the only beneficiary from such a conflict between the Muslims and Christians, which has always been the case through history,  as history repeats itself, and the media which are all Jewish driven also label it to Islam to enhance the Islamophobia in Europe.

Others upset Muslims societies in the Middle East are starting a campaign to boycott French product, including cars, food, oil & gas stations, ban travel to France, like they did before with Denmark and made it suffer great economic loss in order to put pressure on the French and European governments to limit freedom of expression laws to insulting holy profits (Moses, Jesus and Mohamed) like the Anti-Semitic laws currently in force in Europe that protect Jewish feelings.

However, nobody know for sure yet who really did that, and the French government is investigating the matter.

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