Thursday, February 26, 2015

Austria ban religious finance, "The Priest" a job that we created to influence religion

"The Priests" is a nowadays job or position that we created, or more accurately politicians and rulers, to influence and interfere in religion or change it to achieve their political objectives. Further, the level of education, skill and exposure and environment influence their understanding and interpretation of religion, which should not be interpreted by intermediaries between one and his almighty god. The even worse outcome is, that we add a holy character to such normal people, and accordingly don't criticize or question their words or thoughts, even though it does not make and sense logic or sometimes not even based on any sound religious principals.
In our view, the most dangerous consequence of turning a religious and wise person into a "job"or "employee" is that he or she becomes dependent and more loyal to his employer or the entity which finances him or pay his salary more that he is loyal to his religion or the people or community to which he belongs, which influence the religion to the benefit of such employers of financing institutions, we see this happening in Judaism, Christianity and more dangerously happening in Islam, specially because of the deep pocket government that finances such "Priests, Shikhs or Immams, like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, and other countries which may have a more radical or violent understanding of Islam and wish to spread that terrorist or even retarded radical way of understanding or practicing religion, which eventually happen through financing radical or ignorant  foreigner Priests who preaches in mosques all over the world specifically in Europe and Americas.
All the above have led Austria, to band foreign finance to mosques, which in our view is a right political decision, though discriminating against Muslims, because it should have been applied to all other religions and priests including Christians and Jews, which also receive foreign finance from Russia, Zionist organizations and other political sources that pollute the purity and holiness of such great religions which have never required intermediaries between one and his almighty god. The Priests Job never existed during the Prophets eras, neither Moses, nor Jesus nor Mohamed and was never required or recommended by any of them, and accordingly communities, countries and governments should be very careful when choosing such Priests, and know their background, education, direction, financing, actual loyalty and make sure they really are part of the communities and societies where they operate,   if it is so necessary to have them.  It is also necessary in our view that those priest do not get salaries from any source and do that as a second charity or not for profit work besides their original jobs to make sure they are doing this really for the sake of god not just for money or to pursue the objectives of the people, organizations or government behind them.
for more information on the recent decision by Austria concerning the new law banning financing Islamic mosques or Priests please visit :

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