Thursday, March 26, 2015

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I think you might enjoy this article: Reuters News UK Supreme Court rules Prince Charles letters to ministers can be disclosed.

LONDON, March 26 (Reuters) - Britains Supreme Court ruled
on Thursday that 27 letters written by Prince Charles to
ministers in 2004-2005 can be disclosed to the media, a step
that could cast doubt over the political neutrality of the
future king.
The Guardian newspaper had been trying since 2005 to obtain
the letters from government departments using Britains freedom
of information law, but despite a court victory the Attorney
General vetoed disclosure in 2012.
After the Court of Appeal ruled last year that the
ministerial veto was unlawful, the Attorney General appealed to
the Supreme Court in a last-ditch attempt to stop disclosure,
arguing it could undermine Prince Charles position.
We dismiss the Attorney Generals appeal, the courts
President David Neuberger said.
The Supreme Court does not have the letters and they will
not be immediately released. Government departments are in
possession of the letters and it was not immediately clear how
disclosure would be handled following the Supreme Court ruling.

(Reporting by Estelle Shirbon; editing by Stephen Addison)
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