Thursday, December 25, 2014

BBC News - Saudi terrorism court 'to try women drivers'

Shame on such Saudi oppression policies, in addition to a very radical Wahaby religious views, which will evenly lead to a revolution and wide spread terrorist movements and hatred in the region, though the Saudi government is far away from applying Islamic law, specially the appointment of the government and kings, which reflects an absolute dictatorship system. The patience of the Saudi people and their dignity will not be bought by royal money for too long, there should be democracy, rule of law, equality and more moderate and modern Islamic belief, in addition to women's rights and other basic human rights.
All that is over an above a blind foreign policies following the USA whether it is right or wrong, which we have seen lately in the oil prices war against Russia, which shall also backfire against the Saudis and the USA, because history taught us that any artificial intervention by price fixing of a free market always backfire against its initiator, prices should be left to the forces of supply and demand in a free market to determine its balance in order to be sustainable.

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