Monday, December 1, 2014

Mubarak aquitted in the "trial of the century"

"Although he will continue serving his three-year sentence for other crimes, Mubarak was acquitted in the trial of the revolution. The 86-year-old was not tried on his three-plus decades in power, on his repression of free speech, his human rights violations, the call of the police and accordingly their total absence from the streets and police station, the phone and internet cut, sopening the prisons and setting the terrorist free to frighten the masses or his corrupt government. 
Mubarak was tried for specific crimes: selling national gas to Israel, and ordering Egyptian police to kill protesters during the early days of the 2011 revolution, as if his wrongdoings started after the revolution !!!!! As if the revolution did not started for such complete failure of his governing period of 30 years that ended in a corrupted judiciary, public prosecution, police, and army, but further, over population, deterioration of health care or social security system, education, art, music, culture and even behaving manors among the majority of the population.

Nearly 850 people died during those days of late January and early February 2011, but the court only tried 239 cases of death. Some two years ago, Mubarak was given a life sentence for these charges, but the appeals court overturned the decision due to a “technical failure” in the filing of the case and ordered a retrial. Now, it remains to be seen if the prosecution will appeal the acquittal." Quoted from H.News

" Protests erupted at universities across Egypton Sunday, condemning a court decision to drop criminal charges against Hosni Mubarak, the president whose ouster in the 2011 uprising raised hopes of a new era of political openness.

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at Cairo University, waving pictures of Mubarak behind bars and demanding the "fall of the regime", the rallying cry of the Arab Spring uprisings that shook governments from Tunisia to the Gulf in 2011." Reuters .
Legal experts strongly condemn the ruling and think it is politically driven, and criticise sending activists to prisons without even a fair trial, under El Sisi regime, which they consider a new form of an old army driven dictatorship and injustice which will eventually lead to bloody confrontation and a new revolution, untill the country reaches a total separation of power between army's generals and politics, and the people freely rule theirselves by themselves, which is free democracy. However this road to democracy is not easy and long, and is not expected to come from up down by a decision, but from down up by eventually maturing politically, specially that Sisi now is the sweet heart of the masses for taking dow the Muslim Brother widely hated by the majority of Egyptians who are moderated by nature and more apreciating of more monerate views of Islam. 

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